STD Testing At Home: Kits for Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Home STD tests provide a safe and confidential option for detecting a sexually transmitted disease without a visit to the doctor’s office. The social stigma of having a STD often prevents a person from seeking a diagnosis. It may be tempting to put off an appointment with the doctor because the shame of confirming a suspected sexually transmitted disease often seems more painful than the symptoms of the disease itself. With a home STD test, results remain private. You can find out whether or not your home STD test is positive quickly, often much sooner than when the test is administered in a physician’s office or clinic. Home STD tests are conducted using samples of urine, blood, or swabbing. All home STD tests come equipped with instructions and everything needed to properly administer the test. Results develop in a matter of minutes, similar to a home pregnancy test, or are processed by a lab under methods to ensure strict confidentiality. With the latter, you will be notified of the results within a few days. The most stressful step in the process of diagnosing a STD—the initial testing—becomes easier when you purchase a home STD test.

Who Should Get a Home STD Test?

The moment a person becomes sexually active new dangers to their health are introduced. While both sexually active men and women contract STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and herpes, sexually active women under the age of twenty-five form the group most at risk. Anyone with multiple sexual partners will want to be especially vigilant about practicing safer sex, but those in exclusive relationships should not ignore the warning signs of sexual health problems. Often, the symptoms of a STD go undetected for years, and possibly your current monogamous relationship might suffer from indiscretions in your past or your partner’s past. No doctor knows your body as well as you do, and routine check-ups can’t be counted upon to reveal a STD. If you are experiencing common symptoms of a STD such as abdominal pain, a burning sensation while urinating, genital lesions, bumps, or genital discharge, it is a wise decision to purchase a home STD test. If you want peace of mind and to eliminate the anxiety that comes with wondering if you’ve contracted a sexually transmitted disease, get a home STD test.

What are the Benefits of a Home STD Test?

The most obvious benefit of the home STD test is privacy. No amount of statistic- quoting or reassurances that “you’re not alone” can quell the embarrassment a person feels upon learning they are infected. If you suspect you do have a STD, you can still take comfort in the fact that you can make that initial discovery in the privacy of your own home. When you use a home STD test, you will be free to express your emotions without restraint or fear that medical staff and patients will judge you harshly. You can take the time you need to make the best decisions regarding treatment options available to you. If needed, you may even speak with a counselor over the phone or online, an option many home STD test companies provide. You will learn that, in fact, you are not alone in your diagnosis, but you can choose to be alone to process the reality of having an STD until you’re ready to see a doctor for treatment. Confidentiality is the hallmark of the home STD test. The process is private from beginning to end. When you take a home STD test, you do not have to worry that your test results will become part of your insurance records, a very valid concern when you use the traditional method of testing at a healthcare facility and billing your insurance. Another benefit of the home STD test is convenience. You do not have to let lack of reliable transportation to a doctor’s office or clinic prevent you from taking a test and returning to learn the results. When you take a home STD test, you do so in the privacy of your own home, on your time. You either receive results instantly or mail your test sample to a lab with the mailing materials provided with the home STD test. Your lab results can be obtained confidentially over the phone or via the internet, eliminating the need for a follow-up visit just to learn whether or not you have a sexually transmitted disease. If you have a sexually transmitted disease, you have a responsibility to your health as well as to the health of any person you may have infected, to address your disease as early as possible. Home STD tests make it possible to learn results quickly, therefore helping others to get tested quickly, too, and stopping the spread of the disease.

When Should a Home STD Test be Taken?

A home STD test should be taken as soon as the possibility of exposure to a sexually transmitted disease is confirmed or suspected. For some people, the first indication they may have a sexually transmitted disease may be the physical symptoms of discomfort or pain. Other people may have a disease but experience few or no physical warnings. If you know or suspect a sexual partner–past or present–has a sexually transmitted disease, it is best to take a home STD test. While some STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can be cured with a course of medication, others such as herpes and HIV have no cure as of yet. All sexually transmitted diseases should be addressed as early as possible to minimize long-term physical damage. The sooner that a sexually transmitted disease is detected, the sooner a course of treatment can be started to cure or manage the disease. The fastest way to determine whether or not you have a STD is to take a home STD test. Once you receive the results of your home STD test, you can begin working with your physician on a plan of attack to combat your illness. The good news is that finding out you are one of the millions of people afflicted with a sexually transmitted disease is no longer equivalent to receiving a death sentence. People who suffer with genital herpes can manage their disease with medication and live confident, sexually-fulfilling lives. With recent advancements in medicine, even patients with HIV can live with the disease instead of succumbing to it as a matter of course. You may be the victim of a sexually transmitted disease, but with the availability of home STD tests you don’t have to be the victim of fear and anxiety.

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